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I've recently tripped across a site at which I may set up a shop:


I've seen a couple of Green Lantern ring models available for sale, but I dunno if they are shipped already painted or not. I don't have a source to have green anodizing added later, but I expect it can be done somewhere.

Myself, I've got an idea about a gift for my mother (and also her aunt):
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In the spirit of recent memes, I have a twofold question:

Anything you'd like to know about me?

Any technical things you'd like to know about my field of expertise? (I'm a graphic artist / illustrator / computer operator).

I am easily foolish enough to take a swing at almost any question in a public forum; please fire away.
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Well, I was sorting through my box of old books -- found a couple of things I had forgotten about, including a second-run Star Wars issue, some Christian comics (about Corrie Ten Boom and the like), and more Disney titles than I remember owning as a child. But the one that stuck in my head was a game advertisement on the back of a computer magazine. From Activision, for the Atari 2600 ...in 1983.

For a Space Shuttle flight simulator.


Old comics

Jan. 31st, 2003 04:41 am
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This weekend, I'll be going through my twenty-year old box of comics. These are the ones my mom told me she'd thrown away once when I was naughty as a child. I still don't think they include anything valuable (in a monetary sense), and they certainly haven't been well-taken-care-of regardless. I was somewhat amused when I hopped online to check the going price for my Star Trek collected book (Volume 4) ...and the only one I found on eBay was selling for less than the cover price. Well, *I* shall read through them again anyway, and probably give away those issues I don't wish to hang on to. (Some Fantastic Four, Mad, Archie's Gang and Wendy the Witch, if memory serves. And some Star Wars issues that I know aren't collectors' items).

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