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I'm typing this with a big jury-rigged bandage enveloping my left index finger. It serves more to remind me not to bump it than anything else.

I made a nice half-moon-with-flap slice on the end of it last night while attempting to cut a cantaloupe in twain. While I rinsed it off in the sink, Pat was kind enough to avenge me on the melon.

It never hurt (sharp knife!), and I thought it was healing well when I woke up this morning. I rewrapped it, and through lunchtime had only a small dot of blood that soaked through the pad.


One of our vendor's delivery trucks called ahead as they pulled up to the door, with a COD package. I scrambled out to our car for exact change from the ashtray -- and pinched my finger between the door and the jamb. Again, it didn't hurt, but immediately felt warm, and the cotton pad began to fill in red from one end to the other, like a progress thermometer at a pledge drive.

I never lost enough blood to be hazardous, but spent a few interesting minutes trying to juggle paying the delivery lady (with Rachal's help) without staining the money, the package, or my boss's furniture.

In other news, I'm in another vehicle drawing: one of the local radio stations is giving away a classic Corvette, to celebrate the 30 years their DJs have worked together. I've got, I believe, a 1-in-92 chance that my midlife crisis car will not be a Hyundai Accent.


Apr. 13th, 2011 11:08 pm
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I ... think I must enter this contest:


If I appear in the cast of a professional audiobook recording, I promise not to forget y'all.

ETA: Entry complete. Here's the link to my narration stylings:


I'd encourage you to go vote for -- well, somebody, if the idea amuses you, but not specifically for me unless you like mine best. I wouldn't want to be known as the guy who brought down the entire Gaiman media juggernaut with a sub-par performance on his audiobook :>

In addition, if you hadn't heard my voice before and were wondering ... yes, I usually sound like I have that much of a stick up my ass.
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I discovered, at about 2pm local, that my deadline for the fabric design contest was three hours away rather than ten. Fortunately, Spoonflower appears to not penalize for uploading revisions to an existing design -- therefore, I sent in a marginally-acceptable placeholder layout, then filed off more rough edges and replaced it with this one:


It won't be purchasable until the test swatch arrives and I approve it -- I have the impression that Spoonflower may make their bread and butter from the purchase of test swatches, even though they're inexpensive.

For those of you keeping score, a character roster may be found under the cut:
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As I hoped, it appears that the "lifetime ban" was an error made when my data from last week's big prize was being entered. That's the good news. The somewhat-meh news is that when one wins the bigger prizes nowadays, the six-month timeout period applies not just to the station you won from, but to every station owned by that conglomerate.

This is either a new rule, or one that hasn't been applied to me previously, because I don't remember it kicking in after I won the Orlando trip the year before last.

But it means I didn't actually win Cirque du Soleil tickets over the weekend :<

At least I have nibbles on the Dane Cook and Gene Simmons prizes online, which should help with the abysmal paychecks I've been getting lately :>
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This may be only a computer error, or I may be the target of someone's ire.

I was told by a DJ earlier today, as he tried to enter my name as a contest winner, that his computer said I was banned for life.

I'll know more at about 8:01 Monday morning, I hope.

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