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Had a couple of interesting computer anamolies crop up at work. First, while I had tech support on the phone for a different problem, they walked me through a procedure I would loved to have known about -- oh, a year ago. The software my company uses to lay out its artwork requires that a security dongle be plugged into each machine, else the software won't work. The procedure I was taught narrows the security check to the single USB port on which the dongle resides -- until today, my computer had been running its little confirmation routine on *every* port available, *each time* a key was pressed or the mouse was used. This, as you may have guessed, caused my machine to run rather slowly ... but I never knew it was supposed to run any faster. Ignorance is bliss.

The second anamoly involves the timekeeping software we have installed on most of our machines. At preset intervals, it sallies forth on the net, adjusting itself to match any of several atomic clock servers. A couple of my co-workers have been complaining that some mornings when they arrive, their clocks have been slow -- by over three years. Turns out that some of the time servers think it's still 1999, which causes all sorts of havoc with our accounting programs ...but the servers with the misleading dates have now been deleted from the go-to list.
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Good news: yesterday I clocked about eleven hours, which means slightly more money on my next check (unless my bosses chase me out early near the end of the week to compensate, as they did last week).

Bad news: I had to nursemaid one computer into doing the job of another -- that other one having gone little rubber feet up in the middle of a big job.

Fortunately, my sign shop lives next to a computer shop, and we scratch each other's backs. By the end of the evening, the technician there had narrowed down the problem without quite fixing it, so later this morning I'll call Dell tech support and tell them their machine fell down went boom.

That makes today officially Limp Day, as in: I'll limp through the (small) workload, swapping cables between different output devices as I need them, until our mostly dead secondary output server gets revived. I don't mind the extra hours, but wish I could spend it doing something that feels more productive. My one-hamster machine can't process jobs in bulk, being less than half as fast as the dead one.

Other good news: I managed to see one shooting star at 4:15 this morning, from the tail end of the Leonid shower. My first sighting of one, I think, and this despite the heavy lights in my apartment complex.
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I had a bunch of drama at work on Thursday, most of it my own fault. (I failed to notice one project deadline until after it had passed, ordered too little specialty vinyl to finish another, that sort of thing). It all worked out, and the production staff downstream from me (on whom most of this fell) were forgiving and jovial, rather than justifiably pissed off. I didn't get it all worked out till Friday -- I matched the specialty vinyl color I was short of with our heated-foil printer, and finished the signs with that ...after I fixed the broken machine that was supposed to cut out the sign shapes. It wasn't unpleasant, and at least Friday's drama wasn't self-inflicted.

My wife's still looking for a job, and has been manic for the last two days, getting little sleep. Her doctor told her what pill to take when she got home last night, and I've not called her so far today because I don't want to wake her up. I believe/hope that she's sleeping the weekend away, which would be preferable to her being awake the entire time.

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