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Rachal's mother died at 12:05am, having not really been awake for the previous day or so. Under the circumstances, we're all pretty relieved. She was stubborn enough that I was feeling some trepidation she'd hang on by her fingernails for weeks.

Not sure when her mass will be held, but Rachal and I will, in all likelihood, return to Dallas for a few days before it occurs. I do know that she'll be cremated, and eventually interred at Fort Sam Houston, having beaten all of her older sisters to this finish line. Kathy had a competitive streak.
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Rachal's mother is improving, to some extent. We'll get the results of her MRI later today, but in the meanwhile:
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Rachal and I will be heading to Houston tomorrow. My mother-in-law has brain cancer, which has been progressing faster than predicted, and she has lost the ability to speak. (I will be finding out, as surreptitiously as I can, whether any alternative methods of communication have been tried).

I'll keep you folks posted.
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My mom's down to one cat, now. The tortoiseshell that I acquired when I was a teenager had been going downhill, lately -- wasn't eating, gone blind, skin and bones. Mom waited till the holidays to schedule her last vet appointment so that we could say goodbye.

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I attended the euthanization of one of my mother's cats on Monday (I'll post a plaque later). This is the third teenaged critter she's had put down in as many years, and it led to the following conversation with my wife, [livejournal.com profile] rachalvs:

Her: This cat doesn't appear to be in obvious pain. Why is she having it put to sleep again?

Me: Well, for every animal my mom sacrifices, she gets to live another couple of years.

Her: You're horrible!

Me: I told you she had a boxer dog named Susie when she was a kid, right? And we had another when I was a teenager. The one out in the living room is Susie Seventeen.

Her: ...

Me: And I'm Rick Five.

(For the record, I relayed this conversation to my mom later. She was also amused, or at least wryly appreciative that this is how I deal with things).
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Let me preface my answers by stating that I'm adopted, and know nothing about my biological parents. My responses pertain to what I know about the families of my Mom & Dad ...and my Dad's family hasn't been much into genealogy until recently.
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I'm currently renting crash space from a lady who is a good friend of the family. Last night, she was on the phone with my mom in Idaho, and I *almost* got her to use harsh language -- this would have been a major coup, but the near-miss was almost as good.

Like this:

Landlady: "...so I was talking to my sister, and she was trying to b--"

(Landlady, aside to me: "What's a nicer way to say 'bitch me out'?" )

Me: "Chewed your ass."

Landlady: "...chew my, uh, butt, so now I'm annoyed at her -- " (shooting dirty looks at me while I cackle).

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