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I got through as the ninth caller, to be told that I had won $250 credit at a local steakhouse, plus tickets to see the Russian Ballet's presentation of "The Nutcracker". Then the call screener asked me to wait a moment, and before she took my name and contact info ...we were disconnected.

Occupational hazard. I'm sure she took the next caller as a matter of policy, but that didn't stop me from trying to get back through for nearly an hour. Growf.

Otherwise, my day was rather pleasant. We visited friends in Fort Worth, went geocaching ...and I found a tool bag in a culvert, for which I've been trying to track down the owner. If I can't, I'm now the proud owner of some middling expensive tools, most of which I have no use for.

All-in-all, an odd day, but better than most.
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As I hoped, it appears that the "lifetime ban" was an error made when my data from last week's big prize was being entered. That's the good news. The somewhat-meh news is that when one wins the bigger prizes nowadays, the six-month timeout period applies not just to the station you won from, but to every station owned by that conglomerate.

This is either a new rule, or one that hasn't been applied to me previously, because I don't remember it kicking in after I won the Orlando trip the year before last.

But it means I didn't actually win Cirque du Soleil tickets over the weekend :<

At least I have nibbles on the Dane Cook and Gene Simmons prizes online, which should help with the abysmal paychecks I've been getting lately :>
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This may be only a computer error, or I may be the target of someone's ire.

I was told by a DJ earlier today, as he tried to enter my name as a contest winner, that his computer said I was banned for life.

I'll know more at about 8:01 Monday morning, I hope.
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I may have mentioned that a couple of weeks ago, I won a prize pack from a local radio station. At the time, they told me I was entered in their grand prize drawing for a trip to go see some band play in San Francisco. I seem to have won, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Like this:

As I was clocking out for lunch yesterday, my cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't pick it up -- but when they failed to leave a message, I called the number back ...and wound up in the switchboard of the radio station's parent company. Eventually, I got transferred around to someone (a promotions droid, I thought, but he may have been the DJ) who told me I should sound a little more excited -- I'd just won their grand prize. If I ended up on the air, I was one of those boring-assed people they really don't like to have win prizes, I think -- more so when I told the guy I'd likely take the cash equivalent rather than the trip.

I was told that someone would be calling me back to make the arrangements (someone, I assume, who would try mightily to talk me into using their trip vouchers rather than actually relieving them of cash). But as of yesterday, no-one's called, so I'll try them back today.

Oh, I forgot to mention: the cash equivalent is a thousand dollars -- exactly what a cow-orker won from another station about the same time I picked up my prize pack, so I guess I'm now leading the office winnings race by a DVD and a couple of pizzas. It's also just about enough to cover the medical expenses for the cat we have in hospice, which is one of the prime reasons I intend to take the money. Another reason is that, while I recognized the name of the band when they told it to me, I've already forgotten it -- and couldn't name one of their songs at the time. But any trip for which I'd be available (weekends only) would be too rushed for me to enjoy myself, even if they agreed to fly Rachal and me in from our different cities.

So it's not that I'm rolling in dough, now; we may just be slightly less hosed than we were last month.

In other good news, Rachal's boss has suggested that she start working on her thesis. So she's on schedule to graduate at the end of this year (crossed fingers).

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