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Rachal's mother died at 12:05am, having not really been awake for the previous day or so. Under the circumstances, we're all pretty relieved. She was stubborn enough that I was feeling some trepidation she'd hang on by her fingernails for weeks.

Not sure when her mass will be held, but Rachal and I will, in all likelihood, return to Dallas for a few days before it occurs. I do know that she'll be cremated, and eventually interred at Fort Sam Houston, having beaten all of her older sisters to this finish line. Kathy had a competitive streak.
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I've recently tripped across a site at which I may set up a shop:


I've seen a couple of Green Lantern ring models available for sale, but I dunno if they are shipped already painted or not. I don't have a source to have green anodizing added later, but I expect it can be done somewhere.

Myself, I've got an idea about a gift for my mother (and also her aunt):
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I understand that at a Nampa Walgreens recently, one of your pharmacists refused to fill a Methergine prescription on ethical grounds. My mother lives in Nampa, and my wife has various health problems, so I'm more than a little curious: what are the odds of my wife being refused such a prescription when we visit my family in Idaho? I follow the rationale of allowing your employees to protect their religious beliefs, but I hope Walgreens' policy would suggest she forward the request to another pharmacist -- which apparently isn't what happened. If I have any of the details of this incident wrong, I apologize -- but I'd like to know what steps Walgreens is taking to make sure that it has all of its employees on the same page.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.


[my name]
[my contact info]"

***** END PASTED text

No, that's not the exact Walgreens where I had the flat tire incident thirteen months ago. But nothing in Nampa is too far from anything else.
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I got back recently from the wedding of Reed Byers (aka Unbeliever), who used to post in alt.callahans a few years back, and who I lived with for a few years before that.

Here follows the saga:

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Overall, a good time - as I told Reed, it was pleasant to only be a witness at someone else's chaos.

Some of my (low-quality, taken with a disposable camera) pictures are available here:

Higher quality versions are available courtesy of the bride, here:

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