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Yes, I played frisbee golf today. In the sleet and snow. In my shorts.

In my defense, frozen water was not falling from the sky when I left for the golf course ...and by the time we had all gotten there, no-one wanted to leave. So we slogged it out, having a pretty fun time ...and while I did not successfully defend my title from last week, I was only eight over par -- perhaps my third-best game ever. Then home to continue whipping my room into shape while my roomates lit up the fireplace. We had no marshmallows to roast, dammit -- but they're now on the shopping list for next time.

One of their cats, Puck (who I'm told is usually standoffish), has decided that I'm the best thing since sliced mouse loaf -- and while this is flattering, it's somewhat annoying to have her clambering around on my keyboard. Or sticking her head in my mouth in order to figure out what I've eaten recently. Plus, she drools when she's sacked out on me. I hope she gets along with my wife's cats when we combine them into a big feline Brady Bunch.

Yay me!

Jan. 5th, 2003 03:42 pm
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It's been nearly a year since I started frisbee golf, and I finally won the betting pool of the group I play with.

(The first words out of my wife's mouth when she heard: "Did no-one else show up?". No, I've already crowed about games I've won like *that* :> ...in fact all five of my usual opponents appeared).

I was only four over par, which is three strokes better than my previous best-ever game ... and with my nine-stroke handicap, that put me two strokes ahead of the guy in second place. I was happy to take their money, and shall rub my face in it and sleep with it under my pillow tonight. And I want to be careful not to spend the entire five bucks in one place :>

Next week, my handicap drops to eight strokes, we play the long tees, and the betting ante goes up to two bucks. We shall see...


Jan. 4th, 2003 12:13 pm
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I stayed up too late last night watching Ohio State beat Miami in the Fiesta Bowl ...which my parents were attending, being Buckeyes from long back.

Geez, what a boring game :>

Gotta give credit to both teams; they fought hard all the way through two overtimes. And it seemed that the Buckeye defense pulled their fat out of the fire the same way the Dallas Cowboys' defense used to when they were good.

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