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I seem to have picked up a small rash, probably from rooting around in the bush while playing frisbee golf. The only patch of it that's seeping is on my right wrist, and I've been covering that with band-aids so it won't spread.

Being one of those furry types, I got tired of ripping clumps of hair off each time I changed my bandages, so I shaved my arm. Started out with the area that would be covered by a wristwatch, but then it looked like I was wearing a chimp glove, so I also deforested a section from the back of my hand to partway up my forearm ...and am taking a hard look at the hair on the backs of my fingers.

It looks weird, and feels weirder -- I've not had an uninterrupted view of the back of my hand in a couple of decades. The skin is smoother than I expected (especially given that my palms and knuckles have been getting rougher, these last few years). It's almost as odd as when I shaved my head a while back.
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I just got back from my weekly session of frisbee golf, having shot only ten over par for eighteen holes. (This is my personal best. I suck; I'm getting better; I enjoy it regardless). We'll be playing this course once more before we move to the next one in rotation -- which is nice, as the holes on this course are generally built for someone whose disks fall left, as mine do whether I want them to or not.

One of our group got pissed off and went home after nine holes. He was doing poorly (but only relative to his skill level -- this guy is probably our best player). I suppose if playing wasn't serving to relax him, it was just as well that he went home, but I'm still wondering: what the hell? We're not paid millions of dollars to play this game, it's just a decent bit of exercise. I suppose I don't have as much of my self-esteem tied up in this as he does.

Anyway, *I* had a good time -- and with my handicap, I may have a shot at actually winning our penny-ante pot next week :>
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Got back from softball practice this morning less sore than I expected to be, perhaps due to the frisbee-golfing I've been doing. I'll only be an alternate on my landlady's company's team, since it's co-ed and they already have plenty of guys.

While co-ed, this league doesn't require the males to switch-hit -- I'm right-handed, and haven't actually batted right-handed since ...oh, high school. I made contact more often than I expected, and hit the ball farther than I ever did as a lefty. Tomorrow morning will tell how bad my shinsplints are, although I don't figure they will affect my standings on my golf team :>

All-in-all, it seems I'm in better shape now than when I joined my first softball league, three or four years ago ... but that was the day I bruised a rib, so almost anything would be better.

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