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I may have found the perfect bread for production of french toast: Sara Lee's Artesano.

One egg per slice, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla per egg, splash of milk, shake of cinnamon, mix well. Soak bread, then throw on hot surface until toasted on each side, and enjoy.

That is all.
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I'm currently on vacation in northern California, courtesy of our landlady / patroness.

- We've seen several deer and a couple of bears already, plus a couple of little windup ...chipmunks, I hope.

- Even in Sequoia National Park, General Sherman is quite an impressive tree.

- Yesterday found me atop Moro Rock, and if there hadn't been guardrails, wild horses couldn't have dragged me there. Pat's grandmother climbed it in 1905, with no guardrails but while wearing a long dress and a corset. I'm pretty sure Pat's grandmother could have beaten me arm-wrestling.

We'll be heading to Disneyland on Wednesday, which I haven't seen in about a quarter of a century. Looking forward to it. Pat plans good vacations :>
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In a continuing effort to keep my hand in doing some side artwork, I've submitted another entry to Woot's shirt derby. This one would be printed with metallic gold ink, in the unlikely event it garners enough votes:


As always, do not vote for my design just because you know me; the artwork is its own reward :>

I need to set up a shop at one of the sites that will print my designs ...the ones, at least, that woot.com has no more legal claim to. Perhaps Etsy or RedBubble, unless you, Gentle Reader, have any other suggestions?
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Just got back from the new X-Men movie. Liked it quite a bit.

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That was weird.

Years ago, I used to live and work in Denton, Texas.

Today I went back there (for the first time in a long time) to pick up a check from a new customer.

Took 380 west from Frisco, eventually turned south on 288, and made note of all the new construction, while trying to keep an eye out for the building I used to work at.

(I didn't remember off the top of my head my old address, nor the cross street, but was certain I hadn't passed it by the time I reached my new destination).

Went in, got the check, remarked that I had previously worked "just up the street". Left there and continued south, intending to reminisce outside of my old building ...but never saw it until I reached Golden Triangle Mall and *knew* I had gone too far.

After retracing my route north (and confirming old photos from Google Historical Street View), it now appears that I picked up my new customer's check from my old place of work, without quite recognizing it. In my defense, I think they razed the old building entirely and started over, leveling off the ditch I slid into during the winter of ...'98?

That's what I get for not sticking my head in over there more often. I need to get my occasional fix from Denton County Hamburger on the town square, if nothing else.

Final Four

Apr. 1st, 2014 04:24 pm
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As it happens (thank you, Clear Channel Radio!), I am in possession of Final Four tickets. Anyone wishing to attend in exchange for a ludicrous amount of cash, please contact me for details.
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I have started tinkering with https://www.duolingo.com/

The bits of Spanish I learned thirty years ago have apparently not entirely evaporated.

Anyone who wishes to connect with me on that network is welcome to do so; the competition may do us good.
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I now have this image in my head of the surviving Ghostbusters chasing a spook towards an ectoplasmic Egon, who has stuck one translucent foot out to trip it.

Rest well, sir.

It's always the quiet ones.
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For the first time in many years, I again have health insurance.

Until today, I had not had a full medical exam since my attempt to gain admittance to West Point. In 1986.

I have started being seen by the same primary care physician that Rachal uses, who has many benefits over a random doctor from the phone book: She hasn't talked down to Rachal. She's convenient to my work route. She appears to know her stuff. And she has fingers no thicker than a #2 pencil. Just sayin'.


Oct. 5th, 2013 08:02 am
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I will apparently, and at the last minute, be attending FenCon. I will let you know how it turns out. I may also be posting later about the latest drama with my family in Idaho, but must get ready to run out the door right now :>
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Dear J.J. Abrams:

I'd have paid extra if you'd called it "Fusion Glädjé".

That is all.
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Our cat is back. She was found up the street, in a shed with holes in the roof. Either she fell in and couldn't get out, or someone put her in there. The woman who lives near the shed (not the owner of it) helped break a hole into it so Lav could get out; I gather there may be some bad blood between those two neighbors. Dunno if the prank-calling jackass lives anywhere near there, yet, and still not sure how inclined I am to pursue him.
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Seems that the kid leaving messages about our cat was making up stories to amuse himself and his friends. Rachal spent some time this afternoon being told that Lav had been shot and left floating in the pool. No, wait, Lav had made it down to Houston and was about to die from exhaustion. No, wait...

When Rachal offered to send them a check to cover the expense of shipping us her body, the kids on the other end got really excited, until she asked for an address to write on the envelope. Then they hung up.

We're no closer to finding Lav than we were, and I'm fantasizing about punching a child in the face.
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Got an odd phone call, from someone who didn't identify themselves, didn't ask about the reward, and said they saw our cat on the street. After Pat and I walked the block to no avail, I called the number back and left a voicemail ...then later, this text:

"I got a call from this number, sounded like a child, about our lost cat on Candlewood. Were you the person who saw her, by chance?"

About 80 minutes later, I got this reply:

"No its not me probly another child with the same number"

I am starting to think that a local kid wants to make our cat his very own, and is trying to wave me off looking for her further. This is ...not going to play out the way the kid wants, if I'm assessing the situation correctly. But I was very amused by the text message :>
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It's nice to be wanted. In addition to my 40-hour job at a printing company, I've been putting in about 10 hours/week at a local sign shop. The local sign shop would be very happy if I moved up to 30+ hours (which won't happen, for a couple of different reasons -- but they are giving me a raise, and several of my co-workers there have expressed their appreciation for relieving their load).
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Lavender hasn't shown up for about 36 hours, now. It's not like her, and I've already got posters up around the neighborhood. She hasn't been turned in at our local animal shelter, and the hope that she's just been shut inside the house of some local nine-year-old or another is getting thin. Crossed fingers would be appreciated.

Neti pot

Jan. 15th, 2013 07:16 am
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Annnnd ...it's snowing.

While I'm feeling better than I did last week, I've still got some degree of the creeping crud, and so does Rachal.

My boss recently bought a Neti pot, and he found it quite helpful for relieving his sinus symptoms. We may purchase a matching set, although I don't think I'd just use mine over the sink, since I don't believe that's a large enough target.

As I told my boss, the sort of mucus event I anticipate would probably dictate that I be in the shower with the curtain closed and the water running :/
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Greetings from a recent LiveJournal convert. I'll start setting up shop here, and crossposting back there.

I'll also be testing the security settings before I post anything ...sensitive.
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Me and my precious bodily fluids are going to start posting over at Dreamwidth. Same username; please add me to your filter lists, if you've a mind to:


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