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I discovered, at about 2pm local, that my deadline for the fabric design contest was three hours away rather than ten. Fortunately, Spoonflower appears to not penalize for uploading revisions to an existing design -- therefore, I sent in a marginally-acceptable placeholder layout, then filed off more rough edges and replaced it with this one:


It won't be purchasable until the test swatch arrives and I approve it -- I have the impression that Spoonflower may make their bread and butter from the purchase of test swatches, even though they're inexpensive.

For those of you keeping score, a character roster may be found under the cut:
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I've recently tripped across a site at which I may set up a shop:


I've seen a couple of Green Lantern ring models available for sale, but I dunno if they are shipped already painted or not. I don't have a source to have green anodizing added later, but I expect it can be done somewhere.

Myself, I've got an idea about a gift for my mother (and also her aunt):
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I wound up seeing part of a fireworks display I hadn't intended to. Pyrotechnics are neat and all, but I've seen plenty of them already in this lifetime: when I was a kid, we'd go watch the show at the Washington monument every year ... and later, when I lived in California, we could peep over our back fence at the Disneyland set that went off each night at nine-thirty.

So on Wednesday night, I heard them popping, but planned to stay home ...until one of my freelance clients called, wanting to meet me to drop off some artwork. Ordinarily, this would be a ten-minute round trip ...but one of the fireworks shows was being set off in a field exactly on my route, so it took me an hour. Had quite a view on the way over to meet him, but I tried to get back just as they finished, and so caught all the departing traffic.

This reminded me, oddly enough, of the cruisin' folks used to do in Houston during my freshman year of college. Until the cops cracked down on it, folks would drive along Westheimer at 0.8 miles per hour, with their windows down so they could check each other out. Flashbacks of my misspent youth :)

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