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I got through as the ninth caller, to be told that I had won $250 credit at a local steakhouse, plus tickets to see the Russian Ballet's presentation of "The Nutcracker". Then the call screener asked me to wait a moment, and before she took my name and contact info ...we were disconnected.

Occupational hazard. I'm sure she took the next caller as a matter of policy, but that didn't stop me from trying to get back through for nearly an hour. Growf.

Otherwise, my day was rather pleasant. We visited friends in Fort Worth, went geocaching ...and I found a tool bag in a culvert, for which I've been trying to track down the owner. If I can't, I'm now the proud owner of some middling expensive tools, most of which I have no use for.

All-in-all, an odd day, but better than most.
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I was awakened after 2am by the kvetching of our cat, Paris.
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I understand that at a Nampa Walgreens recently, one of your pharmacists refused to fill a Methergine prescription on ethical grounds. My mother lives in Nampa, and my wife has various health problems, so I'm more than a little curious: what are the odds of my wife being refused such a prescription when we visit my family in Idaho? I follow the rationale of allowing your employees to protect their religious beliefs, but I hope Walgreens' policy would suggest she forward the request to another pharmacist -- which apparently isn't what happened. If I have any of the details of this incident wrong, I apologize -- but I'd like to know what steps Walgreens is taking to make sure that it has all of its employees on the same page.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.


[my name]
[my contact info]"

***** END PASTED text

No, that's not the exact Walgreens where I had the flat tire incident thirteen months ago. But nothing in Nampa is too far from anything else.
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My mother-in-law just sent me news that the priest who married Rachal and I has died. I didn't know him as well as she did, but I liked what I knew of him, which can perhaps best be summed up by this, my favorite picture from my wedding:



Jan. 4th, 2003 11:31 am
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Short version: I spent my Christmas break in Idaho at my parents', and rather than give an itemization of my loot, I'll say that the best present I got was being able to see my family.

I also got to see _The Two Towers_, although my wife stayed in bed; she's still recovering from the pneumonia she contracted in November. I liked it, but not as much as the first movie -- and I couldn't justify the deviations from the book as well as I could those in _The Fellowship of the Ring_.

Anyway, my wife being sick meant that we spent a lot of time cuddling -- not a bad thing, and she still plans to move in here in the next month or so, woo-hoo!
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I attended the euthanization of one of my mother's cats on Monday (I'll post a plaque later). This is the third teenaged critter she's had put down in as many years, and it led to the following conversation with my wife, [livejournal.com profile] rachalvs:

Her: This cat doesn't appear to be in obvious pain. Why is she having it put to sleep again?

Me: Well, for every animal my mom sacrifices, she gets to live another couple of years.

Her: You're horrible!

Me: I told you she had a boxer dog named Susie when she was a kid, right? And we had another when I was a teenager. The one out in the living room is Susie Seventeen.

Her: ...

Me: And I'm Rick Five.

(For the record, I relayed this conversation to my mom later. She was also amused, or at least wryly appreciative that this is how I deal with things).
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Man, this is like coming up with a hundred punchlines, and letting the audience reconstruct the stories. But here goes...

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My wife,[livejournal.com profile] rachalvs, has pulled two all-nighters in the last week, so she can hand her boss a big chunk of her dissertation for his review over Christmas break. The stuff isn't due till seven this evening, and I think she finished what she wanted to last night. So today, perhaps she'll be able to sleep till she turns in the stuff later, because usually jacking up her sleep schedule is ...bad.

Pleasant dreams, my love. I get to see you in three days! *bounce bounce*
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The good news: Rachal and I had quite a pleasant visit for Thanksgiving. A relaxing time was had down at her parents' place, although her pneumonia tried to reassert itself in the form of her lungs hurting ...so she got a lot of bed rest, rather than working on her dissertation while I was off at work Monday and Tuesday. This was a good thing; I hope she continues to rest up back in Nashville rather than making herself sicker. She plans to move in with me no later than the first of February whether she has a job or not. I like the idea that I'll see my wife for Ecks-mas in a few weeks, and then a few weeks after that we'll be living together for the rest of our lives. I hope to do the Paul and Linda McCartney thing for the next fifty years :>

The less-than-good news: Rachal spent part of her trip patting me on the head after I got written up at work. It was part of a wake-up call to the entire store, I think; half of our sales staff also got written up, for basically the same reasons: too many jobs have needed to be redone lately due to processing errors, culminating in one big, expensive job that was supposed to be sent out while I was on Thanksgiving vacation but ended up being redone almost entirely from scratch. Every single person, I believe, who touched this job screwed something up on it, and then to top it all off I thought of something else I wanted to triple-check on it after I got home and it was already off to FedEx. Turns out it had been correct when shipped, but I still had to explain to my boss that I was showing up after hours not because I had left one of my own tasks undone, but to confirm the final proofing of someone else. (My own recent errors have been due in part to my lack of mental focus after my wife's last spate of medical problems ...and to my perception that I'm being rushed by my bosses so that I don't work over forty hours per week. My boss was receptive to this explanation, and is having one of the production people take some of the work off my plate).

Anyway, while the next few weeks promise to be hectic, everything should be kibbles and beer by the end of January. I hope :>
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Gentlefolk, I am pleased to introduce the newest addition to my LJ friends list -- my wife, [livejournal.com profile] rachalvs ...with whom I may actually be living again come February first, woo-hoo!
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I had a bunch of drama at work on Thursday, most of it my own fault. (I failed to notice one project deadline until after it had passed, ordered too little specialty vinyl to finish another, that sort of thing). It all worked out, and the production staff downstream from me (on whom most of this fell) were forgiving and jovial, rather than justifiably pissed off. I didn't get it all worked out till Friday -- I matched the specialty vinyl color I was short of with our heated-foil printer, and finished the signs with that ...after I fixed the broken machine that was supposed to cut out the sign shapes. It wasn't unpleasant, and at least Friday's drama wasn't self-inflicted.

My wife's still looking for a job, and has been manic for the last two days, getting little sleep. Her doctor told her what pill to take when she got home last night, and I've not called her so far today because I don't want to wake her up. I believe/hope that she's sleeping the weekend away, which would be preferable to her being awake the entire time.
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I may have mentioned that a couple of weeks ago, I won a prize pack from a local radio station. At the time, they told me I was entered in their grand prize drawing for a trip to go see some band play in San Francisco. I seem to have won, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Like this:

As I was clocking out for lunch yesterday, my cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't pick it up -- but when they failed to leave a message, I called the number back ...and wound up in the switchboard of the radio station's parent company. Eventually, I got transferred around to someone (a promotions droid, I thought, but he may have been the DJ) who told me I should sound a little more excited -- I'd just won their grand prize. If I ended up on the air, I was one of those boring-assed people they really don't like to have win prizes, I think -- more so when I told the guy I'd likely take the cash equivalent rather than the trip.

I was told that someone would be calling me back to make the arrangements (someone, I assume, who would try mightily to talk me into using their trip vouchers rather than actually relieving them of cash). But as of yesterday, no-one's called, so I'll try them back today.

Oh, I forgot to mention: the cash equivalent is a thousand dollars -- exactly what a cow-orker won from another station about the same time I picked up my prize pack, so I guess I'm now leading the office winnings race by a DVD and a couple of pizzas. It's also just about enough to cover the medical expenses for the cat we have in hospice, which is one of the prime reasons I intend to take the money. Another reason is that, while I recognized the name of the band when they told it to me, I've already forgotten it -- and couldn't name one of their songs at the time. But any trip for which I'd be available (weekends only) would be too rushed for me to enjoy myself, even if they agreed to fly Rachal and me in from our different cities.

So it's not that I'm rolling in dough, now; we may just be slightly less hosed than we were last month.

In other good news, Rachal's boss has suggested that she start working on her thesis. So she's on schedule to graduate at the end of this year (crossed fingers).

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